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Flow Properties or Variable Declaration Outside of Flow Process

A significant part of any flow I build is setting up variables that my flow uses throughout the process.  It's really more of a set of property objects that I use throughout the flow.  For example, I'll setup variables to handle things like List\Table names, Site URLs, REST Header fields, etc at the beginning of my flow.  This allows me to just utilize them later in the flow without having to type them out each time and will also cut down on typo's within my flow or make things easier to update (one place in the flow to update a URL for example).


The problem with this is that it makes my flow very long at the beginning before it gets to "meat and potatoes" of what I am doing.  I would like to propose an idea where we can set variables or properties of the Flow itself as part of the flow.  I don't want to remove the ability to pass values from a list item or HTTP call to a variable within the flow, I want to take the variables we set for our flow and move it to be a part of the flow itself.



Status: New