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Flow Runs should be available within the designer for quick access


While designing Cloud Flows, we often want to go back to a certain Flow Run to take a look at what where the Inputs/Outputs or where a certain Flow Run failed. Currently, to do this, we have to go back to the Flow's main screen like below and then access the Flow Run.



It will be extremely handy to be able to access Flow Runs right from within the designer /Edit instead of going back on the Flow's main page then scrolling down to find the Flow Run you want to look at. Somewhere here amongst other controls -





This will save an extra click as of today to go back to the Flow's page and then look for the Flow Run. This will make the workflow faster in a greater scheme of things if we are referring Flow Run History multiple times while working/designing a Cloud Flow!

Status: New

It would also be great to combine this with Zapier's approach to building flows, which lets you select sample data, and inspect the state of any step of the workflow derived from this selected sample data.  "Zaps" are 100x faster to build and debug because of this when compared to PowerAutomate.