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Flow Services Community?

Sorry for long, but please read on!


As you know, Flow now supports 128 connectors (I better refer to them as Services) and the list is growing.


On creating a Flow, when a service has been chosen, you then see relevant list of Triggers and another list of Actions for the chosen Service. A great MS Flow team has been thinking (on our behalf) to create behind the sense those Triggers and Actions, but let us face it, they are not all what we wish!



For instance, for Common Data Services, here are the Triggers and Actions: -


  • When a record is created
  • When a record is updated


  • Create a new record
  • Delete a record
  • Generate Key value
  • Etc


It is needless to say that the Triggers List shown above need a new line: When a Record is deleted



Another example, in the newly introduced Planner connector/Service, there are no Triggers, and there are 9 Actions. But for a task management application, the following looks to me as must: -

  • When a New task is created
  • When a task is due
  • Etc


In a further detail, when I chose a service, and look at the details of a Step (as so far made by Microsoft), details are also questionable that to me, they do not look complete.


For instance, I choose the Service SharePoint, and choose when a New Item is created (referring to SharePoint List), and Lists come with attachments, I wish add an attachment to the next steps for instance send the List’s new item’s attachment to an email message, SharePoint Service (when a New Item is created) does not trigger attachments of a list item, while to me, it should!


In this regards, coming to Flow Condition, identified by If statement, the list IF statement gives standard logical tests those do not suit all Services, and from my point of view, an IF statement after OneDrive for Business file has been modified, should be different from an IF statement after a new CDS record has been created.


In the light of the above, I suggest to Flow Team creates a New community and adds a thread for Each Service to discuss its triggers and actions on that place only, so we do not get lost if we keep posting here and there, hence users/developers take it seriously to define priorities hence highlight necessary modifications on Services triggers and actions (and trigger and action details) which then will not be unnoticed (by other users and MS Flow teams).


In the same community, I suggest adding the Flow Steps design open for discussions and optimizations.


In that Community, please do not allow users to add new threads so we keep it compact.


Thanks for reading.

I hope to hear from you!

Status: New