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Flow - SharePoint Online - Create Library using Library Template



I have a need to automate a process to create new Library, using library template, in SharePoint Online using Flow.

Such flow should be able to use saved Library Templates too.


Thank you very much



Status: New
Advocate II

I am interested in this potential feature. Would this flow be manually triggered? Would you mind expanding on the use case? I am curious.

Advocate III

 We are working on a couple of Fows for a customer who is using SharePoint for Vendor Collaboration.  


I agree that this would be a valuable Flow.  In the same line, I also think being able to create a new SharePoint site from a Template would be valuable. 

Helper V



You can create a custom site with the help of Plumsail SharePoint connector, which is a part of Plumsail Actions (third party set of connectors for Microsoft Flow with a fair price).


There are actions Create List or Library and Create Site from Template. You can use Change Permissions action to set permissions on lists, sites or document libraries.


You can find getting started steps in the documentation.