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Flow Step (preview) in Business Process Flow - stuck in "Processing"

I have been trying out the Flow Step (preview) (

When the Flow is finished I would expect the Flow button in the Business Process Flow to update it's status. But it always remains in a state of "Processing". See screenshot below.

In the screenshot the Flow Step triggers an approval process and then updates the Revenue Approval field on the CDS record. The Flow has completed successfully so at this stage I would expect the Flow Step to say something like "Complete"

I understand that this is the way that this feature is currently supposed to work but I would like to see this enhanced to be more user friendly.
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At minimum, please give us the ability to control and/or reset the Flow Step so it can be run again on the same record.


If we could leverage the same progress as the action steps, that would be great.  Even when the Flow Step is displaying "Processing", the state is "Invalid" and cannot be updated.


Action step statuses:

  • 0: None
  • 1: Processing
  • 2: Completed
  • 3: Failure
  • 4: Invalid
Advocate II

When incorporating the flow, an event occurs that you cannot log in.
It occurs both in the Japan and US regions.
I understand that it is a preview version, but it does not function as a function, so please consider improvement as soon as possible.


Thank you

New Member

I will second the advisory from @Anonymous considering this could give us more "freedom" while we are in "Preview" mode for most of the triggering option available. 😉

Best Regards, Armand Brunelle