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Flow Testing Enhancement - Step back and try again!

As formally a WinAutomation user for 15 years, one of the most beneficial enhancements that I think of for PAD, specifically where large/ complex flows are being designed, is for the flow designer to pause and step back one action on failure, providing the user the opportunity to change a variable value and/or better still, add/remove flows actions based on the insight of the error message, before proceeding to play 'from that point'.   Repeatedly until the issue is resolved.


I've had flows that error 10-30 minutes into run time in the flow designer.  They are that complex, in terms of gathering and building up variable data through loops, conditional actions and via third party API's, that it's not always possible to 'Start flow from here' as it's missing all the aforementioned variable data required.  


You can spend quite a bit of time waiting for the flow to reach the point of failure before trouble-shooting it and waiting another lengthy time before seeing if the change you made worked.  It can send you crazy! 🙂   At least with PAD you have the opportunity to edit and run other flows, where WinAutomation you if the flow designer was running, you couldn't do anything else.   


Yes, on occasion, you can short-cut trouble-shooting process by playing flows live with messages pop-up and decent error handling etc. but take it from me, it's a lot of faffing around when the suggestion above would substantially improve the development time and experience when really engrossed in more advanced use of PAD like me.

Status: New