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Flow Turn Off / Turn on functionality

Flow should run only for items which are created/modified after the flow has been enabled . As of now, if I have turned off a flow and turned on the flow after some time, it runs for all the items which were created or modified when the flow was in disabled mode.

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When we are enabling a flow for a site it is running for all the items in a list. The flow should run as per the condition defined (either item created / modified) for the items created/modified after the flow has been enabled.

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Agreed. Turning on a flow should mean it starts at the point it is turned on, not going back in time. Has caused significant noise and confusion because it works opposite to realistic expectations.

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I found flow turn on/ turn off button functionality as buggy. For instance, for sharepoint list item created or modified triggers, lets say i turned the flow off for few days and then turns it on. To my surprise, as soon as I turns the flow on, it runs for the list items which i created or modified during last couple of days when flow was actually turned off.

So basically turn off button doesnt actually turns the flow off, it just delays the flow run untill we turn it on next time.

This should not be behaviour of a turn off button. This must be rectified.

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@garima1 , @RoshanSalvi , @billblais , @sudheer_suri  Sometimes its great to have this functionality so that if the flow service goes down, flows resume when the service does. 

Sometimes it is a nuisance!  There's another item i found here:


You should vote for that one as well.  


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So that's what happened to me. I can see where this would be a useful feature so I'm upvoting for the option of playing catch-up with any missed events OR starting fresh from the moment the Flow is re-enabled.


Leave the Flow on and simply add a trigger condition of @false to make sure that the Flow doesn't run until you are ready. When you remove the trigger condition the Flow will run for only those items created and changed after you removed the trigger condition.