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Flow Viewer Permissions

We currently have the "Add an Owner" functionality, so that we can share our Flows with others that will be able to edit it. 

However, what we are missing (I feel), is the capability to add Flow viewers - users who can not edit, but, are able to see that the Flow exists.  I do understand that Admins have this capability, but, we are speaking more about Business Users in this scenario. 


1) I create a Flow that is to be used for approvals across the organization. I add another developer as an Owner, and I add "Everyone" as viewers. As viewers, if they are so inclined, they may open the Flow and identify the process that they are using each day without modifying it at all.


2) I create a Flow that is going to be a great resource for other Citizen Developers, but the rest of my organization doesn't need to see it. I add the "Citizen Developers' group as viewers. 

Why is this advantageous?

1) When you can see what already exists, you can reach out to request a modification for your need, or, you can save yourself valuable development time.

2) If something isn't working quite right on the user end, the user can take a peek if they are so inclined, and help communicate to the dev / other team. 

3) Giving a clearer idea of how many Flows are being used in the organization may actually stimulate Flow usage - especially with Citizen Developers.

Status: New