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Flow action to delete all MS Form responses

It would be great to have an action that when triggered deletes a response or possibly all responses from within Microsoft Forms. Due to GDPR having data saved both in Forms and in SharePoint (if the form data is copied into SharePoint) is not ideal and there is currently no way to automate the deletion of the responses from within Flow. I know all of the responses within a form can be deleted from within the Forms action menu so having something similiar as an action within Flow would be great. Looking at the http request being sent after clicking the delete all responses button it seems like it's an easy enough API with the form ID and user details being sent however as it uses token authentication there is no easy way to easily setup flow to mimic this without setting up OAuth to obtain authentication first. Can an action be created in flow to wipe all responses from a form?
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+1 for this need.


Watching http call with Fiddler one can see a DELETE to :<tenantid>/users/<userid>/light/forms('<formid>')/responses


As op initially wrote, this call is unsuccessful without a token.

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Watching what happens when one presses 'Delete All Responses' we can see a DELETE http call to :<tenantid>/users/<userid>/light/forms('<formid>')/responses


but as op wrote, without an Oauth token this fails.

Does anyone know how to get an oauth token for forms ?

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If they base it on GDPR, then they should've implemented a region-based version to be fair with non-EU users.


For everyone wanting to get OAuth for Forms, I've ran across this and might be helpful -


+1 Could be an action within the Connector to delete response

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Useful for when Forms is an interface for populating a SharePoint list. +1

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Hey all, I’ve a video demo showing you how you can not only get all responses, but also delete all form responses using an unpublished api call. Microsoft Forms Get ALL Response Details Downloaded via Power Automate



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Thanks @DamoBird365 !

Tested, and works like a charm 😁 had to change the @{outputs('FormID')} with the actual form-id though.

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Dude, you're the man!  Thank you so much for finding that.  That closes a big gap for our company.


Great work!  Now, if only Microsoft would just make that an action for us to use in Power Automate....


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This has been an issue for more than 3 years! Surely with MS managing gov't data in locations outside of the US, this should be mandatory!!



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Thank you for posting this suggestion and it's good to see that my company is not the only one that has a need to automatically delete Form responses. This should be added to either the Form or we have the ability to create a flow to do this.