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Flow action to delete all MS Form responses

It would be great to have an action that when triggered deletes a response or possibly all responses from within Microsoft Forms. Due to GDPR having data saved both in Forms and in SharePoint (if the form data is copied into SharePoint) is not ideal and there is currently no way to automate the deletion of the responses from within Flow. I know all of the responses within a form can be deleted from within the Forms action menu so having something similiar as an action within Flow would be great. Looking at the http request being sent after clicking the delete all responses button it seems like it's an easy enough API with the form ID and user details being sent however as it uses token authentication there is no easy way to easily setup flow to mimic this without setting up OAuth to obtain authentication first. Can an action be created in flow to wipe all responses from a form?
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Badly needed this function as we are preventing the 50k limit response on a monthly basis.  Hope someone can come up with a solution.

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Agreed would like this +1 vote

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Agree. After the form has been processed, I need a way to delete it via the API. Too much data is left everywhere. 

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This would be immensely helpful. We would like to collect "track and trace" information for Covid-19 and remove entries after 21 days. I can run two flows:


- first one gets responses and puts them into an Excel sheet.

- second one gets the rows from the spreadsheet and then uses the submission date to remove old rows.


This still leaves the original entry in Forms, dang it.

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In the infamous words of John McEnroe: "You canNOT be SERIOUS!" 


I find it amazing that after all this time, a Flow action to delete either a single response or all responses, or responses in a given date or ID range, isn't possible.


Not everyone lives by US data rules. I feel like I just wasted 2 days. 

Advocate II

Just landed on this one as we just got a request where Forms would be really handy, but not being able to delete response once written to SharePoint leaves us exploring other - more costly - means.  Has any one found a way to use an API call (or any other means) to delete a response?  


Been over two years and the idea is still 'new'... dose not leave me with much hope.

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Fully agree that this is a required feature. Forms data is stored in the EU currently, but being a UK based organisation (which is no longer part of the EU), we need to be able to delete responses stored in Forms once the data has been saved to SharePoint via PowerAutomate.

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Agreed, we have a use case for this and are having to look at outside options due to what seems to be a simple function being omitted.

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This is much needed.


I also work in a EU country and due to GDPR I will need to manually delete responses in my form after the flow is completed, until this is an option. 

This reduces the value of the MS tools to me.



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Really need this.