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Flow action to share PowerApps

 It would be nice to be able to use an action in Flow to share a PowerApp with a user. (This is particularly helpful when the Flow will add a record to a SharePoint list with specific parameters, provide the user 'contribute' access to another SharePoint list, and provide access to a report in PowerBI - all as one repeatable flow.)

Status: New
Advocate II

Agree with this, I have an scenario where the users send us an email to request access to a powerapp. It will be very helpful to share the app with the users when they complete a Microsoft Form that will trigger a Flow that will be configured to share it with them and give the rights needed based on sharepoint list in my case.

Frequent Visitor

It would be very nice functionality to have. As it stands the owner of the app has to do it manually and it slows process of granting access to the desired app considerably.

Helper I


I have a flow that grants users access to the list that serves as datasource to a Power App. I really wanted to grant the same users access to the app itself within the same flow.

Advocate V

Any updates on this feature?

Advocate II

Yes, very helpful feature. PowerApps can easily have hundreds of users, manually adding/maintaining them is painful.