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Flow - allow flow the ability to create private team channels as well

I easily created a public channel in Microsoft Teams using Flow and using the Teams connector / action.

But we need to be able to create a private channel using flow. This is critical.

Just add a property that will allow us to specify "private" or "public" channel

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Also looking for this feature.

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I want this feature too.

Meanwhile, it appears that you can achieve this by calling the Office Graph API (HTTP requests is a premium feature in Power Automate), this is possible from Azure Logic Apps too.


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@jvdlinden Have you actually tried that link you provided? I'm pretty sure that doesn't work. Let me know if I'm wrong.

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@Yushalet's continue this conversation here and hope that this might be a temporary solution:

As soon as I know I will update the thread above.

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Please give this some attention. 


Automating the creation of private channels is a popular request from my users, and we need a better answer for it.

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Still waiting for this functionality... It's been years since private channels were released.

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How can it be possible for Microsoft to take this long to add such an obvious and basic feature for its own product?


Sometimes it seems to me that Microsoft keeps its product backlog planning in napkins and loses all of them from time to time...