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Flow approvals - Multiple rejections

Hi there,


I am currently working on a PowerApp with an associated Flow. This app is for users to request Exceptional Leave in an education setting. Users may be absent from multiple subjects during a period, and each subject has a different approver. Using 'everyone from assigned list', if everyone approves then this is fine. The issue occurs with the desired protocol: What is required is for each approver to make a decision on their subject, either approving or rejecting. What is then required is, if fully approved, the request is approved, if fully rejected, the request is rejected. If there are a combination of approvals and rejections, we would like this to go to a second stage, where a director assesses and either approves or rejects in full.


The current issue, is that if a single person from the list rejects something, the whole thing becomes rejected, and other approvers receive the message 'somebody has already responded to this request' when trying to approve or reject, rather than the whole request being 'partially approved'.


It would be really useful if Microsoft could allow this. We have tried everything to try and bypass this, but with no joy.

Status: New