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Flow button image and colour

Dear Flow Team, 


I would be great if we could assign an image to a button. So that we can, for example, add a company logo to a button or specific button images that are related to the action that will be triggered or flow process. 

Would be nice to have. 




Frederik Bisback

Status: New

This is actually a pretty cool idea! +1

Regular Visitor

For my case, I use a custom connector in different flows with button as trigger.

Currently, all my buttons have the same image (the one I assigned to my custom connector) ! 


And by the way (iOS bug ?), title of the flow is not included under image ! So all my buttons have same image, without text ! 😞


my 2c : this (bad workaround) technic (custom connector which does nothing) could be used to assign a custom image to a button... 


Frequent Visitor

It would be nice to have at least some colors... Would be more clear for the user that will approve/reject to have something like this




Great Idea!

New Member

Hopefully Microsoft Power Automate teams pick this up.

Great idea, setting custom images and colours to the Flow button would be great. 


Regular Visitor

We really need this feature