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Flow delete tasks in planner

I would like to use the planner for our daily rutine tasks. The planner is not built for this today, but if I got a flow action to delete a / all task(s) in a bucket or plan, I would have a solution. I could then make a flow that creates tasks from a sharepoint list every morning, a flow that sends a update to the manager every evening (status of the tasks with the assign user info) and last a flow that delete the tasks. 

Status: New
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Please merge other similar requests and combine the votes so this badly missing feature gets done....


Is there anyone actively managing UserVoice?

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A nice touch for the Delete Planner Task would be the option to delete documents attached to the planner task from the associated SharePoint Document library.

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There is a bug where it is possible to create vapor tasks, where the bucket no longer exists, and can only be removed 1x1 manually by finding unassigned unbucketed tasks. The API has a limit of 400 active tasks on "list tasks" so with these vapor tasks can easily use up that limit. To get around it, one can use update task and set to complete, but they are still sitting in there. There definitely need to be a delete task OR just update to expose a change in bucket, then a temp bucket could be deleted all at once manually.

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It is tough to wait for a specific new feature to be implemented in Microsoft Flow, specially in this case, since current Planner REST API supports creating Plans in Planner via Delete plannerTask method.

There are several other other ideas marked as NEW (i.e. not evaluated yet by Microsoft) asking for other features present in Planner REST API, so I was thinking on an overall solution that would let us enjoy all Planner features currently available via Planner REST API and are not available in Microsoft Flow Planner connector yet.


Can we have more chances to catch the attention of Flow Product Managers by concentrating votes from all these ideas into an overall solution? If you think it is worth a try, you can vote this overall idea here

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There is now a (preview) action that deletes a task!