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Flow emails using SendAs always show in flow creator's Sent folder.

Perhaps this is a moot point when they make flows send as the logged in user rather than the flow creator but I've noticed that every flow i have set up that sends an email from a SendAs account, I am stuck with a copy of the email in my Sent folder.  My quick fix was to create a Rule that just deletes them upon arrival but this is not good enough as some of the emails are highly confidential and I should not be seeing them.   There is a registry edit that we can do to avoid send as email from saving in your sent folder as long as you actualy send the email from your Outlook, but it doesn't help when sent from Flow.   I am hoping this will be an option to avoid getting the emails saved in my sent folder some time in the near future. 

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Same issue here.

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I would concur with the above. I'll raise an additional concern. I work in IT and will be authoring numerous Flows for my company. Even if I use Send As with a generic NoReply account, the email still comes from my account. During testing a Do While loop, I configured a workflow to send data values so I could review as items progressed through the workflow (since the debugging tools are virtually nonexistent). When testing with a significant group of users, this resulted in quite a few emails, to the point that my account would no longer send emails. The Exchange admin could not find me on a quarantined list as a suspected spammer, but some trigger must have been flipped in Exchange Online to cause my account to no longer be able to send. If this happened with only one Flow, I hesitate to think what will happen when I have dozens published to the enterprise.