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Flow export

I've read that a user needed to recrate all of the flows from scratch because of a platform failure.


i'd love to have the possiblity of export/import flows in order to have a backup option.




Status: Completed
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Please add Copy and Paste to that list.  For one project I have a large flow and it's only half done. Some of it is repetive, it would be nice to be able to copy a condition's contents and paste it in another condition.

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Status changed to: Planned

Thanks, this is a great idea and something we plan on adding.

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I second this request. As a microsoft partner we are keen to push flow out to our customers, but without being able to repeatably roll out workflows it's a pretty time consuming and error-likely task.

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Status changed to: Started

I'd love this if I could export my flow, give it to another user, and they could import it. It should run on their account instead of my account. Currently, I have a complicated flow and I can't effectively share it with anyone else because it would take so many steps for them to create every action and condition manually.

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 Export/Import would be great. Started since April, any word on when this feature can be expexted?

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If flows have to be manually re-created for every site they're needed on, that sort of limits their usefulness.

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This morning I can see that was released on Flow. However it fails if you try exporting it and importing in a different tenant.

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@pkstest, thanks for the update. I can see the import/export option as well. This is awesome! And as far as being incompatible across tenants, I sort of exected that. Hopefully we can parameterize dependencies somehow.

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Status changed to: Completed

This is now done, read about it here: