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Flow for forwarding Outlook calendar meetings containing Skype meeting links

I would like to suggest a Flow for forwarding a pre-existing Outlook calendar meeting.  This wouldn't be the same as creating a meeting and sending it to the attendees.  This would be a pre-existing recurring meeting that contains an embeded Skype meeting link for those attendees.  The meeting itself has a certain number of permanent attendees.  New attendees who need to attend on a one-time basis would need to get the same invitation that the permanent employees have so that all can join the same Skype meeting.  The new attendees list is not constant, and can change every week.  Their names/emails would be taken from a SharePoint list that would forward that particular meeting invite to them.  The Flow would run every Friday, get all list entries marked for the following Tuesday's meeting and their submitters, and forward the existing meeting invite to those submitters only.  

Status: New
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why don't we have this already? seems like everyone wants it 🙂