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Flow > Planner - Assign a task to multiple people simultaneously

When creating a task in Planner, allow assigning to multiple people simultaneously.


(Currently, I have to action to create each task (assigned to one person), and then have an action to update the just-created task to add another assignee. If I wanted a third assignee, I'd have to create yet another update action)

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did you include the Z at the end of the formatdatetime string? just before the closing quote character?

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Yup - but I do not have any " only '.  I saw in some other threads that line should be enclosed in "" but when I do that it won't even let me save it.






Is my whole string in the Compose action.

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Except the {@triggerBody()['text_1']} is the dynamic manual text entry (obv).

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It looks like you've got an extra @ symbol and an extra reference to triggerBody()


Try this:

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{"error":{"code":"","message":"The request is invalid:\r\nCannot convert the literal '@formatdatetime(triggerBody()['text_1'],'yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ssZ')' to the expected type 'Edm.DateTimeOffset'.","innerError":{"request-id":"9aab1f0a-6299-4b05-b48e-bb4043a5e167","date":"2017-07-26T16:51:54"}}}



Same thing.  The first one I pasted looked like that because I used the dynamic content but I manually typed in ['text_1']


I appreciate how much you have been looking at this and I know it is not your job.  Perhaps I should start its own thread and someone from MS will see it an reply.

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I was creating a new Flow today, and it looks like now you can assign a task in planner directly by email address, without needing to do the "Get User ID" step.  It'd still be nice to be able to assign to multiple people at once. (@Microsoft, is this on the "To-Do"?)

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Getting back to your question... I am also looking for a solution for this. Currently I have a foreach loop on a group of users. Doesn't seem like there is any way to delimit multiple users/ids in the same request. Multiple requests need to be made it looks like.

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Does this mean I have to do a lookup for every user of our company?

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@SchwerzmannC - At some point (not sure exactly when), Flow changed, so you don't have to do a lookup, you can assign the task to them by just inputting their email.

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Well, but what about fitting the ID from Project to the appropriate user?


I'm built a flows, one for copying all existing task in Project Online into Planner, the other for taking all newly created tasks in Project Online into Planner.

Still do have problems though when no start- and/or end date is filled out.


And I'm trying now to add the assigned user as well to those tasks.


I see that I get the ID in the listed tasks in Project.


But have no idea how to match them with the assigned user in Planner.


When I build it with 2 "Get User Profiles" - it just puts the second profile in all created tasks in Planner... I'm missing an option like "get ID from Project Task and place it as ID for Planner Task".



So far that "build-around" did not help me with getting the propper assigned user.


Anyone any experience with that? Still pretty new and only get to know JSON.