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Flow > Planner > List Tasks action allows to select tasks from a Bucket

Flow > Planner >


The "List Tasks" action allows to select only Plan Id. It would be great if the list can be narrowed down to a Bucket in a Plan to restrict the returned tasks.


With a long list of tasks returned at the moment the Flow times out while processing them.

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Me too please.


Need to narrow down to the bucket when listing tasks, or get the bucket id on the task, otherwise you cannot get a task by any means other than the task id without concatenating the bucket name with the tasks name in the tasks name, if you see what I mean.

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Agree.  Need to be able to filter the list to narrow results for large plans.  For example, only list incomplete or only created beyond a certain date, or only in a certain bucket.  

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We use flow to keep track of recurrent task done by the team: adding a record of whom did the task when (and having a another flow to revive the recurrent task when it's time to do it).


Being able to only record task from the recurrent bucket would be nice!