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Flow history for SharePoint item

In SharePoint 2013 (and 2010) workflows there is a connection between SharePoint item and workflow, where for every workflow, which is created in SharePoint list or library, a new column with the name of that workflow is created, which contains the status of the workflow and the link to the workflow history page, where user can simply click on the workflow link in a SharePoint view to see the workflow details (workflow information, tasks and history). For Power Automate such integration is currently not available. Could you please provide the Flow history to the SharePoint item/document, that the Flow history would be traceable and easily accessible that user could see the history of the Flow for SharePoint item? In our company we would like to establish SharePoint page approval process, where each page in a specific SharePoint site collection should be approved by site owners before publishing. The approval process should be audit-proof so the owner could easily (with a click) check when and by whom the page was approved.

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Hi @bogdanskof ,

I don't think this request will happen, as it is very specific SharePoint. However, maybe this helps. In the flow below the link to a workflow instance is put in a SharePoint list. In your case the link will be stored in the page meta data off course, but the principle is the same. The steps are explained better and detailed better that I'd could: Microsoft Flow – Capture Hyperlinks and Detail about Running Flows. Hope it helps, regards, Marc 

Log Flow history urlLog Flow history url

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@MarcBoes thank you for the tip! This could be a proper workaround solution. However I still hope that Microsoft will enable similar integration between SharePoint and Power Automate as is/was between SharePoint and Workflow platform, since SharePoint workflows should be replaced by Power Automate flows.