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Flow history

Flow storage is 30 days. Worklow history in SharePoint is 60 days and everybody complains about this (much much too short for compliance reasons like GPDR). We must be able to audit our Flow years after the worklow ends. Could be a paid option, or a way to export the flows history (Powershell)
Status: Under Review

Hello, the recommendation would be to not use Flow history as a permament audit log. For example, the Approvals history is kept forever and you can use that for Approvals scenarios. For other scenarios, you can log to Cosmos DB or Blob storage. 

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@Stephen Is there any update on this? We have some flows which sit in action for over the 30 days (people on leave etc) so the flow can't be completed. When the approver then returns to work and approves the flow (becuase they can still do this), they don't get an error, the flow simply does not proceed. The resource montiroing this then needs to manually monitor flows constantly to ensure none go over the 30 day limit. 


I guess my comment is - what if a flow legitimately goes over the 30 day limit to complete? The show history should not be removed until the flow has completed or it should automatially fail after the 30 days and a fail notification sent to the administrator. It should also remove approvals from a failed flow from the approvers worklist. 


Very frustrating asn an excellent product but this is a huge blocker. 

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i have same approval flow over the 30 days issue, a approver signed over 30 days flow and shows normal no any worng, but the flow didnot execute next log processes and i also cannot find this flow exection detail status due to over 30 days. Please let me know how to handle this kind of suitation?