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Flow history

Flow storage is 30 days. Worklow history in SharePoint is 60 days and everybody complains about this (much much too short for compliance reasons like GPDR). We must be able to audit our Flow years after the worklow ends. Could be a paid option, or a way to export the flows history (Powershell)
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Hello, the recommendation would be to not use Flow history as a permament audit log. For example, the Approvals history is kept forever and you can use that for Approvals scenarios. For other scenarios, you can log to Cosmos DB or Blob storage. 

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Is there any updated on Flow History. We want to implement Flow for approvals, but require history tracking from a compliance and audit perspective

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there is no update as far as I know; what I do is: I log all approvals actions in a SharePoint list or in an Azure database and I create PowerDashboards from this data source

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Wow, 30 days only. Seems like a huge gap in functionality. Have same issue here. Was going to use Flow as part of credit note approval process but only being able to see 30 days of history makes it prety much useless as not able to be audited. 

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it will be extended to 90 days soon...
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I agree with PabloDickson. Without permanent retention of approval history most of the things I want to do with this platform are not possible.