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Flow not able to update properties in SharePoint when a user has opened the document

Dear MS Flow,


In office documents in SharePoint we are able to co-edit documents with multiple users, but when we want to update the document SharePoint properties/ metadata when a user has opened the document in Office online or in the Client the Flow gives the error that the document is locked for editing. 


We would like to see that Flow is able to update the SharePoint columns/ properties/ metadata when the document is opened by a user.


Kind Regards,


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Same problem here. You get an 423 code in the Flow:

2018-04-26 10_53_46-Manage your flows _ Microsoft Flow.png

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Same here. Is there otherwise any workaround possible?

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Yes It should update the file properties and everyone should see it live on their open docs in browser and in app

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I'm encountering this issue, as well, and it is making this feature unusable for me.

Flows triggered by SharePoint file creation that attempt to update the file's metadata / other columns in the Library for that file are failing due to the file still being open by the user. In fact, any updates to metadata for any open files will cause Flow runs to fail for those files.


Retry does not work as it is not one of the kinds of errors caught, and there doesn't appear to be another mechanism for catching this kind of error.


Could use a Delay action, but its difficult/impossible to predict how long it will be until User closes the file.


Updating file properties shouldn't be blocked by a user editing the file, though, should it? Perhaps editing the filename should be blocked, but why prevent editing other metadata columns?

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Is there any update on this item?


Not being able to update SharePoint document properties through a PowerAutomate workflow is a significant bug and shortcoming. Realistically, during a document approval workflow the document will be open.

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Further to this, for many years this was possible e.g. through SharePoint Designer workflows etc

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Same here. Any update or work arround possible?

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Use a http request to update file properties:



  •         Method: POST
  •         Uri: _vti_bin/client.svc/ProcessQuery
  •         Headers:

Content-Type: text/xml;charset="UTF-8"

X-Requested-With: XMLHTTPRequest

Accept: */*

  •         Body:

<Request xmlns="" SchemaVersion="" LibraryVersion="" ApplicationName="Javascript Library">

<Method Name="SetFieldValue" Id="4" ObjectPathId="3">
<Parameter Type="String">**FIELDNAME**</Parameter>
<Parameter Type="String">**FIELDVALUE**</Parameter>


<Method Name="SystemUpdate" Id="5" ObjectPathId="3" />
<Property Id="1" ParentId="0" Name="Web" />
<Method Id="2" ParentId="1" Name="GetList">
<Parameter Type="String">**LIST-URL**</Parameter>

<Method Id="3" ParentId="2" Name="GetItemById">
<Parameter Type="Number">**ID**</Parameter>

<StaticProperty Id="0" TypeId="{3747adcd-a3c3-41b9-bfab-4a64dd2f1e0a}" Name="Current" />

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This last solution does not work. If the SharePoint values are modified while you have the file open and you save the document after using this technique, the word/excel file will save ALL properties as originally loaded, or modified via VBA,  overwriting anything you might have modified using this technique.