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Flow run history

I understand this was recently changed to 30 days. With run limit and history both at 30 days this makes it impossible to trouble shoot some issues that may not be noticed until after the run timeout. For example I had an approval flow that timed out but right before it did it sent 60+ approval emails again before fully timing out. when going to figure out why it sent 60+ emails i couldn't due to the change in flow history retention. 

Status: New
Advocate I

Hello, I fully support this request.

It would be very useful to expand the run history to 60 days at least, so you have a 30-day time for running, and another 30-day time for troubleshooting in case an error occurred at the end of those first 30 days.

Right now if there's a problem in day 29 of execution and it was a weekend, I cannot troubleshoot what was wrong in the execution.