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Flow, sent the emails by the flow launcher (not its creator)


Having dealt with a Microsoft Business Intelligence Engineer of Microsoft Flow, he informed me that my request did not yet exist in the design of microsoft flow.


My request :

The flow is created by its creator (The flow will be launched each time by a different user (dynamic)).
The creator shares the flow with his team (so that any user of the team can launch it).

A "person X" starts the flow. "Person Y" receives the request for approval (By "Start an Approval).
But this request for approval is sent by email with the email of the creator and not the "person X".

Likewise for an update of a sharepoint column:
The flow is started by the "person X", the flow modifies a sharepoint column of the file, and the column "modified by" displays the creator of the flow, and not the "person X".

So to summarize, currently:
If the Flow should be sent by "Person X" he should create a Flow with the same things what Creator has created...


So the idea that our company would like:
Be able to send a flow (created by its creator) by a "person X" by taking the connection information dynamically.



Thank you very much in advance for taking charge of our request.

Status: Completed

Hello -- when you manage the run only access for your flow you can configure whether or not the connection should come from the flow owner - or - the person who is launching the flow. You can read more about this feature here:

Helper I

Yes!  Please make the name of the person sending the approval emails or modifying the data the person that starts the flow - not the person that created the flow.

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This seems an obvious requirement to me.  Please .

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Agreed. Yes please have this rectified asap.



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How was this overlooked?

Helper I

Please!  Makes no since for Team flows!

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Yes, please resolve this issue. It makes no sense and causes confusion with Flows.

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This is non-optional! 80% of possible scenarios I can think of make no sense without this option.


Please implement this asap.


Thank you

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Created files will also show as the flow creater as well.

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Same here. We definitely need this feature. Please staff, send this idea to review.
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Any update on this?