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Flow set up between SharePoint and OneDrive

Flow set up between Sharepoint to OneDrive: Right now if you create a file in a Sharepoint folder and have that create a file in OneDrive, you can’t edit that file later in Sharepoint and have those edits show up in that same OneDrive file. I just got off the phone with a Microsoft rep who was trying to help me get flows set up for my organization. Unfortunately, right now Flow doesn’t have this option; so, all it’s doing right now is creating duplicates or multiple files of virtually the same thing, which is really not conducive to efficient work. We need to be able to access our files from OneDrive or SharePoint, allowing certain files to be viewed in either or depending on the Flow that’s been set up. This is a big hindrance for our organization. 


Please take this into serious consideration Microsoft.

Status: New