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Flow that upon creating a page in onenote creates a task in outlook incl a link to the page

What I would like to do is a Flow that upon creating a page in OneNote creates a task in Outlook including a link to the page in OneNote.


Currently a flow will only create a task in outlook that has the title and body text of the page, but I could not find an option to include a link to the new OneNote page.


Such a flow would be very useful especially for all kinds of editorial and research work, also as a means of implementing GTD (Getting things done) like workflows.


Could that be implemented? Or is it already and I just didn´t understand how to do it?


Kind regards


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I have the same problem. I tried to start the flow "new Page in OneNote-new Task in Todoist". But I don`t know how I get the right path for OneNote or the OneNote-Notebook. Does anybody know the path-definition?

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same question 


help please @v-yamao-msft