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Flow to Sharepoint News Post


I can't seem to find this idea out there but I would love to have a flow that would use information from a Form to create a news post on the Modern SharePoint site.  

I have a use case where I want to feature the new hires in our company where they have answered some fun questions in a form and I want to use that information to create the news post.  


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I have exactly the same idea for new employee - for them to complete a short intro and fun survey and automatically post this on SharePoint Online (modern) News feed. *voted*

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I would also like to be able to use Flow to create a News Post to celebrate employee Birthday's and Anniversaries from a SharePoint/Lists Staff List.

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I would like to have a simple form that any staff member could complete. There would be a drop down to decide which part of the organisation they are in - this would then be used to set the Audience Targeting. I would also like the form to be approved first - but I suspect that I could do this already.

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I agree, I thought this may have been out there already, but I guess not. MS we need this please!

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I have been trying different approaches to solve this by using other connectors like

Send HTTP Request to Sharepoint using the api for newsfeed post as an actor etc


Would be really nice if this was native to Power Automate instead of building work-arounds that might break



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My idea is to collect recap reports from Territory Managers via a Form and have their submissions automated into a News Post on our SharePoint Communication site.  

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It would be great if this were an out of the box SharePoint action, but I've been able to accomplish this following the steps shown here: Getting the page layout payload is the trickiest part. The SaveAction response payload only appears after the page has been modified in edit mode. Thanks myvsparth!


Edit: Using this to take the contents of a Channel Teams Post and adding it to a News Post re: Emergency Status Updates. 

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@evanderbilt thanks for pointing out that possible solution. The steps listed there does indeed produce a news post etc. Of course also thans myvsparth for doing it in the first place.


As mentioned earlier though. An out of the box connector without the need of duct taping would be nice!

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Me too , this is 100% needed

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Hi Team,


If someone still needs a solution for this issue, please see the below step-by-step video.


Hope this helps.