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Flow to create calendar event on users calendar - dynamic

Can we get a flow that creates calendar event on user running the flow? I can build a flow currently where on list item add

an event is created but event only added to my calendar. 

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We have a Sharepoint list for events and need the ability to add an event to a persons calendar based on who created the list item.

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Completely agree this is needed. Has anyone got a workaround to be able to place entities/events/appointments in Dynamics into the relevant or creator of the event? Literally can only get it into our own calendars


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Is this in the works yet? I'm trying to build a sharepoint scheduling tool and this would simplify matters so much. 

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Could really do with this.  If the person running the form has signed into Office 365 then I dont see any reason why it shouldnt allow access to the user's calendar.  

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Agreed, this would be huge to have the ability to create events on the calendar of the user who initiated the flow.  Also, would be nice to see timezone settings work well between SP and Outlook without workarounds.