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Flow to create calendar event on users calendar - dynamic

Can we get a flow that creates calendar event on user running the flow? I can build a flow currently where on list item add

an event is created but event only added to my calendar. 

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Edit: @Omar_El-Anis  Actually - it doesn't work. It only provides access to the calendars of the account that is used to configure the connection. It does not pull the calendar for users who fill out the form. 



Omar_El-Anis Nice work, thank you!

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@dchevalier18 hey bud, it definitely does work as I've used this very method as part of a desk booking system which has been tested by over 50 users before deployment.


Please check the steps and make sure you're actually putting the value returned from the get calendar action and not using your own calendar ID in the add event action.


This was run from a SharePoint list, are you using the same context or something else as the trigger action?

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@Omar_El-Anis so I started with the template for having a form create an event. What I needed was to have a form that created an event on a group calendar, and the personal calendar of the user who filled out the form. 

No matter what I do right now, the Get Calendar takes the value of the connection. So the first time I made the flow, I used my account to authenticate the connections. I had a few folks from the office test it with me, and it would fail for them because they didn't have permission to add to my calendar, and it only worked for me. I could see in the flow information when I ran the test, that every time it was loading up my calendars and information on that one step. 


I tried using a Global Admin account as the connection, and I still ran into the same issue - it'll work for the Global Admin calendar, but anyone who fills it out won't have an event created on their personal calendar. 

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@dchevalier18 you keep mentioning a form but not if it's a form in SharePoint or MS Forms.


I'm going to guess it's a form in MS Forms in which case I'd speculate the flow is actually running as the admin that publishes the flow and not theu that triggers the action. Easiest way to test this is to add the send e-Mail action and see which account it gets sent as, if it's sent as the account that published the flow and not the account that triggered the flow (submitted the form) then the flow is running in the context of the publisher and not the trigger, in which case this method won't work.


You would have to create a SharePoint form instead and use that, could use PowerApps for the UI

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@Omar_El-Anis Ok, I'm going to see about using a Sharepoint form instead of the MS Forms. 

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Has anyone been able to get @Omar_El-Anis solution to work? I have tried with a SharePoint list form and a Microsoft Form. In both cases the event is added to the Flow creator's calendar. I don't see how this would work, given the Get calendars action runs under the context of the account it is configured with.

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@MarcusC No sadly, I gave up with it all together due to time. I just directed them to use the group calendar. 


It's a shame. maybe there's a way, but i have a feeling it's out of design for safety. 

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I believe you can use Microsoft Graph to achieve this.


My own workaround was to setup an account for example vacation account and set that as the connection for the "Create event (v4)" and in the required attendee i would put the email for the users calendar i would like to create the event in.


The event would be created in the "vacation connection account" and it would be created in the users calendar.

The "vacation connection account" calendar will be filled but that account is not used for anything.


- User request vacation time from a Microsoft Form.

- Users manager approves it.

- Event is created in the users department shared calendar.

- Event is created in the "vacation account" and the user is set as required attendee.


This way is shows up in the department for the specific user and the users is also out of office and time is booked in the users calendar making them show as unavailable at that time.

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Hi @Omar_El-Anis, by following your guide, the event is created in my calendar instead of the one who created the item in the list.  Am I missing some settings on the flow?

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I was not able to make power automate to get the calendars of the user of teams, who reach it with pover virtual agent. It gets back the calendars of the flow owner.