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Flow to delete a Sharepoint List item after a date

My idea is to be able to create a flow that will automatically delete a Sharepoint list item after either a set amount or time or a date. For example, we have a list that manages all our potential jobs. The list contains the date of that job, a flow that would auto delete the job once the date has past would be great.

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This is exactly that what I am looking for. We have a lot of comments (items in a sharepoint list) per day from a daily morning routine. Storing them in a SQL database using flow works great! But after a special amount of days or amount of items they should get deleted automatically. Item ID as a required field does not fit for scenarios like this.

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This would be great if someone can post a solution to this issue.



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Has there been a solution to this problem posted?


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It's nice idea, i need this