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Flow to log file views in SharePoint

would like to be able to create flows logging user, date and time for viewing documents on list and/or folder level

Status: New
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Yes, please add functionality that allows you to "easily" determine who viewed your document, when they viewed it, did they save/edit it and how often did they view it.  Thank you.

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Could really use it for emails too. Read receipts in outlook are useless. I have a lawyer client that is tearing his hair out because nobody actions read receipts and delivery receipts only tell you it got to their mailbox.  With the cluttered/focussed/spam/junk folders taking emails from their rightful spot in the inbox he has no idea if they receive them.  


So barring some decent email tracking within outlook, can we have a Send By One Drive button where the contents are stored in the sender's one drive and then with tracking on the file the sender will be able to see when the file was opened.



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Utilising the 1TB Onedrive that comes with my Office 365 sub is awesome, but being able to track who viewed shared links would be way more awesome !!!

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I'd settle for just telling me if it's been downloaded, and how many times. Well, I'm sharing with a link most times, so that's likely all you can tell me. Although, if someone is logged in, then it should also tell me who they are.

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Why isn't this already a feature, given it can be done in SharePoint which overarches OneDrive. Madness 

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OneDrive for Business (the one drive that is on SharePoint and OneDrive Consumer are mostly and until recently related only by name.  Two completely different technology stacks.  So depending on which type of OneDrive you are referring to you may or may not have SharePoint involved.