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Flow to recognise column value is changed and differentiate between major and minor versions

I'd like to see Flow able to do the following:


Recognise when a single column value (document property) is updated so that an action can be initiated, if this value is not changed and the file updated, the flow will perform another action e.g. nothing (currently Flow will only recognise when an item as a  whole is modified or created).


Recognise when a SharePoint file has been published as a MAJOR version, as opposed to a minor version, again so that action can be taken or ignored depending on the parameters of the flow.


Status: New
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I sincerely hope to see a lot of votes for this one because triggering an approval email for a document that's still a minor version doesn't make any sense.  A document should be published as a major version before the workflow can take place, especially since it gives you a chance to tag it with required metadata.  We cannot use out of the box SharePoint 2010 workflow as the mobile approval experience via Outlook doesn't give users the ability to approve a task through the mobile Outlook app.

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You got my vote!
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Advocate III

This would really help us out - to be able to differentiate between the minor and major versions when approving.

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Agreed! This would be amazing.


It's like the exisiting "When file is created or modified" trigger but add this one is "When file property is modified" 

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Was playing with Flow to try and mock up a prototype for integration between SharePoint and a record keeping system which requires version information. To get around it you can send a HTTP request to the SharePoint API with the file identifier to retrieve the list of versions. I've written up a full flow process here if you are interested: Creating a Version Monitoring Flow in Sharepoint