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Flow to support SPO Site Mailbox



Would like to trigger some flows from emails received by a SharePoint Site mailbox.

When I try adding a mailbox, I'm prompted for my credentials, which links my personal account, but I can't see a way of linking to another shared mailbox. I can't authenticated as the site mailbox.





Edit on 2018/March/01:


thanks for the prompt @Karuana.

the original suggestion was from 2016, status updated to under review in March 2017, and now that SPO Mailboxes are deprecated, not much point in pursuing this.


The core intent of the idea was to have a suitable alternative to the document library email address features we had on-prem.

those were great, and in my anedoctal experience, heavily used.






Status: Under Review
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Thsi goes for groups as well.  One should be able to monitor any email box one has access to.  This will enable many "service" scenarios.

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This would be a killer feature.



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Yes, would be a great feature. It will form a very logical link between team mailboxes and team sites.

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