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Flow to update label of task in Planner?

The company I work for would like to implement Planner and Teams in such a way that the Planner kanban board labels change upon certain statuses or instances.


For example:

Should a member of staff be called in sick, activating a Flow will change the label from green (In Work) to orange (Sick Leave)

This could be very minor and I am open to suggestions of how this could work differently.
Many thanks.

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what is the minimum number of votes to be considered for any idea to be a requirement ?

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I would also like an action to update the label on a planner task

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Can we have this implemented please! I would also like to be able to set the priority of each task through power automate!

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Me too! I would love to be able to do this with automate

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Me too.  I have a requirement from a customer to develop a PowerBi report over Planner.  It looks like the Flow connector is missing a lot of crucial components (Checklist items, flags, notes).  It is looking like I have to ask my client to manually extract the data and save in Sharepoint... which is just messy.


I am kind of surprised at the number of deprecated features in the documentation.  I would like to see all the available fields exposed.


Also, there is a data export feature in Planner.  Why not include an import feature also?



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Is label change feature implemented yet?

Is there any workaround for label change on tasks in Planner?