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Flow to work with Excel file without table

Flow requires an Excel file to have Tables defined. To make Flow more readily work with existing Excel files, especially those from third party, Flow needs to enable a functionality to consider the first row in a worksheet has the headers. Then row number 2 and below have the data. Would it be embarrassing to tell your third party that they need to add table here and there so our automation can work?


In many places, like Azure machine learning studio, We can have a checkbox to specify that the first row has the headers.

How about vision the below? Instead of asking for table name, we can have user specify the sheet name, and then the header name if there is header. Otherwise the column number. Ideally Excel can read all the rows under the header so user can store in a database. In financial applications, we have large amount of data in Excels. So having a flow read those excels without header will be very useful. Please kindly reach back for clarification or examples.



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I agree with this.

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I have a client which requires this and this functionality would be excellent to solve a problem which I currently have.

I am currently doing it to extract attachment and store it on file then I get this path and send it to Power Automate Desktop for further processing... This is a complication for me...