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Flow trigger of Sharepoint item modified

Currently we only have "When an item is created or modified" please add a standalone "when an item is modified"

Sometimes you just need that bit of standalone.

Status: New
Advocate II

I was also looking for this and found this link where a good workaround is discussed:


Use the created or modified trigger followed immediately by a condition with this logic (edit condition in advanced mode)

@equals(triggerBody()?['Created'], triggerBody()?['Modified'])


That does work, but not on lists where I had other workflows that run and make changes when items are created, since those workflows would then trigger this workflow anyway.


I will still say that an actual "when existing item is modified by" trigger would be nice if only to slightly reduce workflow calls. Even more useful would be a workflow that could be triggered only when specific fields are changed.


Edit: See this idea