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Flow update Sharepoint Excel Data


I have a list in SharePoint online which I have connected to an excel file, in stored on the same site collection, which then creates a chart to display the status of the list on the main SharePoint site using the Excel Services connection. This all works fine except with no way to mark the site as a 'Trusted Excel Service Location' I can't have the excel file updating automatically unless I want users to be faced with a warning about external data connections (which they automatically click NO to)


You can do this on other versions of SharePoint but not the new online version.


Solution Idea

Use a flow to monitor for changes to the SharePoint list and on update of an item the flow could then update the external data connection in the excel file - but there isn't a connection which will do this.


So a connection that will allow a data update on an excel file which is stored in SharePoint.

Status: New