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Flow windows desktop application

Is there any plan to provide Microsoft Flow client for windows desktop which provide the users with the same capabilities of the mobile application

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I was searching around today for this very topic and was surprised that it has not gotten more attention, so I'm reviving this in the hopes that it can gain traction.


After working with Flow and PowerApps for a few years now, it makes more sense to me that a desktop app for Flow can make productivity much easier. The mobile notification connector is a great tool for giving routine reminders without needing to receive yet another email. I use the mobile notifications connector for routine reminders throughout the day (definitely do not want all those in an email) and it shocks me that you don't even get those notices even if you're currently logged into your Office 365 account online. Also, the process for even getting to manual triggered Flows (outside of the mobile app) is more labor-intensive than it needs to be. 


Having a dedicated desktop application can solve two problems:

  1. Make it much more efficient to trigger manual Flows (just run the app from the System Tray and hit the button)
  2. Use that application to push notifications to the desktop, whether it's through the Windows Message Center or whatever. That way you're not reliant on a completely different device to get them.

The app doesn't even need to include all of the internal editing features that the mobile app has (the ability to write the Flows there) to still be a big boost in efficiency. The application (run from the System Tray) can just be a single window with listed Button-push Flows. You push the button, and if inputs are needed then another window can pop up and you can enter them. And the app can also push the mobile notifications to the desktop (so the connector can be rebranded mobile/desktop notifications). That can be the absolute base functionality, and then you can add additional features (more akin to the mobile app) later.