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Flows longer than 500 days

Hi, A client has an asset list with a future date (up to 2 years in the future) to email people reminders. This is replacing SP on-premises workflows that use to run forever (Where Flow is limited to 500 days).


MS recommends a solution for 17 months (500 days) using a scheduled recurrence flow, but what if we want to have a flow monitor a list for 2 years for expiring items, etc?


17 month flow

I created a twitter thread where MS requested I create this ticket: 

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Here is a diagram of the issue as well. The issue is I cannot pass item data in Flow vars when calling subsequent flows that run for 500 days or less to be able to email someone up to 2 years in the futre on a specific date column in the item.SP 500 day flow issue.PNG

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Mike Neill on twitter helped me out with this link:


Basically, I just created a scheduled flow that loops through the entire list each day, filtering on items due today. Then, for each item, I email the user with a link to the item, etc. However, I had to hardcode todays date which should be utcNow() but I could not format it correctly in my POC. If anyone knows how to match today in a var to SP date format (01/01/2001 for example) please let me know

works but no dynamic today.PNG

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You can use formatDateTime() function to format the timestamp. As an example 

formatDateTime(utcNow(),'MM-dd-yyyy') returns '03/06/2019'.  Please see here for additional reference on date time functions :