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Flows trigger other flows

This feature would be fantastic for creating a modular environment. The passing of parameters between flows and essentially creating the ability to make functions would make flows an irreplacable asset to my work.

Status: Completed

This item was part of the October 2019 release :

Regular Visitor

This feature was added on 11/2019. It is only available when used inside of a "Solution". Be sure to use the "Manually trigger a flow" trigger in your child flow to receive parameters from the parent. This actually works very well. 

It is definitely cleaner than the old raw HTTP request method.

Instructions here:

Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed

This item was part of the October 2019 release :

Super User

Hi @Stephen,

I'm sorry but I can't seem to find this action today. I remember that at the time it did exist but it kind of disappeared later on.

Can you tell us where to find this action today and post a recent screen shot for us please?


Advocate III

@R3dKap  You can only find such action if the parent flow is inside a solution.   Simply search for "child" in the action search.   The Child flow will also need the action called "Respond to Power Apps or Flow" so you can pass data back (like success or failure) to the parent flow.