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Flows trigger other flows

This feature would be fantastic for creating a modular environment. The passing of parameters between flows and essentially creating the ability to make functions would make flows an irreplacable asset to my work.

Status: Started

We are now working on this and will release it in the next couple of months.

Level: Powered On

@Stephen Any news regarding the date where it will be available ?
Several clients would really need that.

Power Automate Staff

@bosteelsd - Yes this will be available within the next month.

Level: Power Up

@Stephen great to hear this is coming so soon, as the change of the HTTP and HTTP Webhook to premium had us concerned. Are you able to confirm what licensing will be required to call a nested flow please? Also, speaking of WebHooks: our team has just been looking at changing a bunch of HTTP calls to WebHooks to avoid problems with the calls to the subflows timing out after 2 minutes. Can you advise how the new subflow calling mechanism would cater for longer-running subflows i.e. that need to be assynchronous calls? Finally, will the subflow run in the user context of the calling flow? Thank you!

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@Stephen Any update on this?  I could really use this feature for a couple of projects we have in development? 



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I'm at Ignite this week, and I just asked the Power Automate engineers at the Expo about this feature.  I was told that it would only be made available within Flow Solutions.  If this indeed the case, that would be very disappointing news given the limitations of Solutions (e.g. "Flows that connect to SharePoint are not available in solutions."). 


 @Stephen, any chance you can confirm that this is only going to be available within Solutions?