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Flows trigger other flows

This feature would be fantastic for creating a modular environment. The passing of parameters between flows and essentially creating the ability to make functions would make flows an irreplacable asset to my work.

Status: Completed

This item was part of the October 2019 release :

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This feature would be really great!

Power Automate
Status changed to: Started

We are now working on this and will release it in the next couple of months.

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Excellent news, @Stephen. Will be a huge help.

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@Jambo1 ,


Not sure I understand the request here.  Today, you can create Flows that have an HTTP Request as a trigger.  The trigger action can take input parameters in the body.  You can also have the Flow return results using the Response action.


Though it's not a function perse, it does give you the same result, no?

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@haniel  - I agree with calling HTTP Request and I've done so.  However, it seems with the new licensing announcement, the HTTP request is becoming a premium feature.  I have heard they are going to create a new action which will allow calling another flow without doing an HTTP Request.

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Just today I inquired into the progress of such connector.  Let's hope we get it soon.

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Any ETA on this? 


Since the HTTP Connector is now a Premium Connector, the solution to call another Flow via HTTP is not an option for us.

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Yeah I cast my vote on this one. This would be really helpful to split larger flows and have different people work on them then bring it together.


I've posted an idea last week before I found this exact same post.

Here is my longer explanation last week. Smiley Happy

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@Stephen Any news regarding the date where it will be available ?
Several clients would really need that.