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Format Excel Sheet as a Table

I have excel files that are automatically generated from multiple systems as reports. I would like to use this data in multiple daily flows.

Each file contains a single sheet with records of data. The first row contains column headers and consecutive rows contain data records. As the reports are generated by a system, the data is not formatted as a table in excel and therefore I cannot use the 'Get Rows' action in flow.


I would like an action to format an excel sheet into a table. It should select all rows that contain data and mark the first row as column headers (in the same way Ctrl+T in Excel), then save the table with a given name.



Status: New
Level: Powered On

I have the same issue and would like to see this feature added.  Is there a particular reason why there's a hard rule that you must specify a table instead of assuming that the data is a table and automatically making the Sheet a table?

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This would also be useful to me. I get a file from an external source, and it would be great if I could automate making it a table, so I could then copy all the data to a different spreadsheet (with a table) so I can analyze it in PowerBI.
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Even simpler, allow the Get Rows action to return rows that are not in tables...

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Level 8

Excel Online (Business) / Create table 

Creates a new table in the Excel workbook. Seems doing the job.