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Formatting Create HTML Table Action with HTML

It would be great if we could customize the format of the resulting output from Create HTML table using HTML.


  • Ability to add hyperlinks
  • Ability to include totals per column.


Currently the output table has no formatting available which makes the result look cluttered and inconsistent with the rest of the email:






Status: Under Review

Thank you for this idea.

Level: Powered On

Thanks for this tuto,

I have tried it to generate an HTML document stored in Sharepoint library. It works. 


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+1 for hyperlinks.  Column sums would also be super helpful.

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When this get implemented, would be very nice to implement to be able to transpose/rotate the data table.

Also as single idea here:


In the single idea first comment, you will find also a thread with ideas for workarounds, but nothing really worked. Or or is a very, very huge and not maintainable workaround. So would be very nice to see it integrated in the "create HTML table"-action itself.


For formatting itself, the workaround of Kamil works. But of course a field for simply add html formatting to the "create HTML table"-action itself would be more easy.