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Formatting Create HTML Table Action with HTML

It would be great if we could customize the format of the resulting output from Create HTML table using HTML.


  • Ability to add hyperlinks
  • Ability to include totals per column.


Currently the output table has no formatting available which makes the result look cluttered and inconsistent with the rest of the email:






Status: Under Review

Thank you for this idea.

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Hi @Stephen ,

Has there been no updates on this topic since 2017?

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@v-sivish I posted here a few months ago and had responses. Very helpful ones I might add. 🙂

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Hi @Galvipa 🙂

Really appreciate the help but I need to make this work using SendGrid Send Email V3 Action that is just displaying the HTML code as it is instead of showing the expected transformed preview.


Would really appreciate any help on that if you can - Sending a mail using SendGrid with a HTML table as its content body. Smiley Happy

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@v-sivish I am very sorry I Haven't used SendGrid. Are you able to test it without usign SendGrid to make sure issue is with something else.?

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@GalvipaI'm able to have my HTML CSS code embeded in mail when using Outlook Action to send mail while this isn't working over SendGrid.

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I'm afraid not. 😞 Not to worry, i'm using the help shared by @Kamil earlier. A tad long shot but works. 🙂


Deeply appreciate the help @Galvipa. 🙂

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formating numbers / dates with a HTML table created by FLOW is dire. please improve. 

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Still having problems with rotate/transpose the data at create html table or to rotate/transpose data before using the create html table node.


Many of our table will get to big width but have a very small height. Because they having lots of different colmns but only 2 or 3 elements (rows). 


Need to find a way to rotate/transpose, that header is vertical and not horiziontal any more. I found a solution with html-style to transpose/rotate table. But it is only a bad work-arround and has problems when having cells with line breaks and cells with lots of text.


If someone face the same problem and managed to format the create HTML table to having transposed data (or transposed "json array data" before using the create html table node), please let me know.


What "transpose" data means? Here is a example in excel, to show what transpose the data means:

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Hi all,


was there an update on the ability to add hyperlinks in the HTML table?


Thank you