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FormsPro Trigger for Submit

Request: FormsPro Trigger on Submit and all of the same response objects as basic Forms.


So .. Am I missing something or does FormsPro not have a trigger and object list like basic Forms does. This really needs to be resolved. The capabilities in FormsPro formatting and conditional branching are much better than basic Forms and it just seems crazy that there is no way to trigger a flow properly and use the data.


If I'm missing something .. please point me in the right direction.

Status: New
Helper I

you’re not missing anything ... but you can create the trigger by using a CDS trigger.


Formspro stores it’s data in a CDS entity. so whenever you submit a record gets inserted. if you trigger off the correct insert.. then u can extract the right references and process it just like normal forms.


ill post an example i saw in a video here in the community ... if i can find it.


— cby