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Fuller EventBrite Integration

I like the ability to pull a few basic items from each Eventbrite event that is added but could use more fields and the ability to get updates.  Haven't figured out how to get the Swagger or JSON files to do it myself.  




Status: New
Level: Powered On

CCan you tell me where the ability to pull from eventbrite is and where do you pull it to? I am looking to integrate it to dynamics.

Level: Powered On

There is an Eventbrite connector in the premium section.  It has two triggers.  One runs when a new event is created.  It only has Title, Start, Stop, Price and Enrollment (which would always be zero on creation).  There is no update trigger for events.  The other trigger is for changes in orders or sign ups.  I have not yet used that item. 


We would like to get more information and be able to update our file.  Most importantly would be the enrollment figure.  We do not have the ability to create our own triggers which requires manipulating swagger API files.  


Would be very interested in getting a fuller Eventbrite implementation. We love the ease of use with Eventbrite for our clients but we have a lot of "back room" operations that need to take place and would like to automate them.  If you come accross anything, let me know.