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Function to check "Show on card" in the [Update task details] action of the Planner connector

There is "Update Task Details action" in the Planner connector of Power Automate.

In that action, the content described in the [Description] item is described in the memo field of the Planner task, but there is no "Show on card" item.

If you do it manually, you can check the "Show on card" checkbox in the Planner task memo field.

You can do it manually, but with Power Automate, you can't check "Show on card", so we would like to be able to set it.




Power AutomatePlannerコネクタの「タスクの詳細の更新」アクションの「説明」欄に記載した内容がPlannerのタスクのメモ欄に記載されるかと思います。

Plannerのタスクのメモ欄は「カードに表示する」というチェックがありますが、Power Automateではこの設定ができません。


Status: New